Interns and volunteers celebrated Holy

Holi is a spring festival also known as the festival of colors and the festival of love.  It is an ancient Hindu religious festival which has become popular with non-Hindus also in many parts of the country. Read more

A discussion program with Families of Disappeared by State

Eka Raj Bhandari, the former member of Parliament and the chairman of  Association for family of fighter disapeared by state in an interaction program with the Human Rights interns at Internship Nepal highlighted on how his son was disappeared by the state. Read more

An Interaction with Human Rights Journalists

An interaction Program was held at HURJA (Human Rights Journalists’ Association Nepal Anamnagar) with the interns coming to Nepal for Human Rights research on 11th March,2014. Read more

We shift accommodation

We have shifted our accommodation at Bishalnagar, almost center part of the city. As the location is diplomatic areas, there are embassies of Europeon countries, it is more safe, clean and green compare to other parts of the city. Read more

Interns Visit Media House

Journalism and photojournalism interns visited tourism magazine' Image Nepal' publication house in Kathmandu and had interaction with Chief Editor and publisher, Hari Raj Joshi of the Magazine. Read more

We add Physiotherapy project

We have launched two new projects physiotherapy and 'work in nutrition clinic' from December 2012.  Students from Australia have already joined our partner hospitals in both projects. Read more

Interaction on Hinduism

Interns have actively participated an interaction program with scholar CM Yogi on Hinduism. Mr. Yogi explained the core Philosophy of the Hinduism and also shed light on different Hindu cultures and festivals. Read more

Night Photography Training to the inters

Photojournalism interns/students has participated in night photography as our regular program following their training by professional photographer in Kathmandu on 13th of December. Read more

Interns with Senior Journalist

Interns Aziza, Lamyaa, Taliba (Oman) sarah, John(USA) , Laura (France) and Sophia (Australia) interacting with senior photojournalist Gopal Chitrakar following the experience sharing program at internship Nepal’s office. Read more

Third issue of Newsletter published

 Interns of the month of April and May completed our official newsletter writing their experiences and about events as well as activities during their program with us. Read more

Photo stories about meat and air pollution in Kathmandu

Photojournalism interns Katherine Provost – Canada and, Keela Sweeney –USA have completed their photo projects on 1st of June 2012. Keela has worked on photography on the topics ‘Meat in Kathmandu’ and Katherine’s subject was Air pollution in Kathmandu. Read more

Astrophotography Opportunity for Interns

Interns Mathieu, Samantha and Sophia participating in an interaction program about astrophotography following our regular interaction program with professionals. Read more