A memorable hiking on Kopan hill

Done with a hustling week full of tiring jobs and assignment, we along with the interns planned to go on a hike for a day. With some new faces yet to discover the beauty of the land of Himalayas, we chose to go from Kapan monastery to Gokarna. Read more

A cultural tour to beautiful villages

 For hiking that is conducted on Saturdays, this time, we chose Bungamati and Khokana city for our interns. Leaving home at 11 in the morning, we took a bus to Chobhar and then we started our hike from there. Read more

Festival of Red Celebrated

  Known as “The festival of Red”, Teej, the main festival of Hindu women, is celebrated every year in Nepal as one of the major occasions. Read more

Interns at Old Age Homes

Among many old age homes in Nepal, and a few of them in Kathmandu, our interns chose to go to the one near The Pashupatinath Temple. There we found elderly people of ages 60 and above living the remaining days of their lives. Read more

Photo presentation by renowned travel photographer of Nepal

An interaction program was organized at Internship Nepal with Bharat Bandhu Thapa, the renowned travel photographer of Nepal. He presented his pictures of virgin part of the far western region. Read more

Farewell and Certificate Award Ceremony

Certificate award ceremony and farewell was organized on 5th June at Internship Nepal.  The three interns Laure Lavergne, Adele Martignon and Anica James were in Nepal for photo journalism Internship. Read more

Photo Presentation

Photo Journalist Interns at volunteer forum Nepal had their photo presentation at The Pilgrims Feed and Restaurant located at the centre of Kathmandu, Thamel. Read more

American consultant working with us

Internship Nepal is a NGO that has been working in different sectors of human rights, media development, women and Internship/volunteerism. Internship   Nepal is now working together with an American consultant Dr. Read more

Activities on March

Internship Nepal organizes various activities for its interns so that they learn and gain knowledge about Nepal and its culture & tradition every day. Read more

Farewell and Certificate Award Ceremony

Internship Nepal organized farewell for it s three intern s Camilie Dion, Sarah Jackson and juilana machado.  In the ceremony all the three interns shared their experiences in Nepal. Read more

An Interaction with chairperson of Conflict Victim Orphan Society Nepal

 Internship Nepal organized an interaction program for the human rights interns with Suman Adhikari. He represents the victims of the insurgency period. Read more

Internship in Radio Journalism

The internship Nepal has now started internships for radio journalism. With a view to providing a variety of options for internship in Nepal IN has now added radio journalism in its course list. Read more