Interaction Session with Documentary Professional

 This Thursday proved to be a special one as we were honored with the arrival of one of our former interns Ms. Anica James. She’s a Documentary Photographer from Canada, who had joined our Journalism/Photo Journalism programs at Internship Nepal during the year 2014. Read more

Website Now in French version

We are very pleased to announce that we have launched our website in French version hoping that it’ll be easier for French students to understand our programs and services better. Read more

Our program appreciated

Internship Nepal has been arranging elective placement for foreign Medical students in different hospitals in Kathmandu since 2006. Students from different departments like Medical science, nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietitian/nutrition and dental science have participated in our program so far. Read more

Interns participate in rice planting

 It was 4th of July. We organized a cultural hiking. We commenced the cultural tour from Pharping, south part of Kathmandu Valley. We visited a Buddhist monastery. Read more

Our relief team to Earthquake affected areas

After helping our interns in collecting donations and relief items from different countries, it was now time we went on some field visit to the earthquake affected areas in the outskirts of Kathmandu. Read more

I denied my parents in leaving Nepal

Ariane Tremblay, Montreal Canada I left Kathmandu at 7 in the morning for the trek to Annapurna base camp. I was on the way in Pokhara. But later the bus stopped for the lunch and a guy got call from the family and was told about the earthquake. Read more

Nepal is safe for people to travel

Adriana Vidano, France: At the time when earthquake occurred I was with my friend in a restaurant at Durbar Marg ordering some foods. At the time when earthquake occurred, I became completely numb and didn’t know what was happening. Read more

A great opportunity to help Nepal

A massive earthquake hit Nepal on 25 April, 2015, that took many lives and destroyed thousands of houses. This could be a great opportunity for the medical personnel to come and help the victims in Nepal. Read more

Sanga Hike

A day at Sanga after a long time was a day to be remembered. This hike compared to the one before was for a different reason, leaving apart the idea of being refreshed from all the work the whole week. Read more

Holi Celebration

A majestic festival here in Nepal, Holi is probably one of the most enjoyable feasts in the whole world today. With colorful vibes all over the country in each town, the day is considered as a public holiday and celebrated widely across the nation in specifically two days: The first day is celebrated as Holi by the people of Hilly and Himalayan region, and the next day by the people of Terai. Read more

A Wonderful Christmas

Christmas, a day when even the almighty above leaves back all his omnipotence and divination above and transcends down to earth just to witness the magical beauty of Earth. Read more

A hiking with indefinable fun

Sanga! We always have indefinable fun every time we be there, and with such lovely weather and aspiring will of the interns, the Saturday hike was sure to be a cherry on the cake. Read more