A Short Yet Worthy Yoga Session

Originated in ancient India, Yoga is an ascetic discipline which includes breathe control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures. Read more

Rice Plantation delight at Bungamati

Travelling and going for a hike to a new place has always been fun and refreshing. We had planned for a hike a week earlier. We were all hoping for good and favorable weather as the weather nowadays is fickle. Read more

A weather favored Hike to Sanga

When Kathmandu’s weather favors, what do you do? You hike. You travel. You explore and get lost. Lost we did get when we set out on a day’s hike to Sanga this past Saturday. Read more

Meeting with Professors at Tennessee State University

Not long after we took Internship Nepal to Canada last year, the prestigious organization featured in one of the most historic and significant universities in the United States of America. Read more

When we greeted Bungamati once again

The day began with all the excitement that Kathmandu has to offer; with the most imperfect weather complimenting the trip that we all looked forward to. Read more

Holi 2k17 at Internship Nepal

“Holi hai!” meaning (It’s Holi!)- These words of euphoria could be heard all around the community and most certainly across the entire country, right from the morning. Read more

Free Health Camp at School by Internship Nepal

It had been a while since the medical electives ensemble of Internship Nepal had driven their volunteer works outside of the hospital. This time we had a batch of fresh qualified people deliver for us. Read more

Friday Photo Presentation

Every Friday, students are required to mandatorily present their works in front of fellow interns as well as the program coordinator with the motive of receiving expert suggestions and general feedbacks. Read more

A new experience of Hindu cultural ceremonies

Saraswati is defined as the Goddess of knowledge and wisdom. In Hinduism, Goddess Saraswati has been exemplified as a symbol of inspiration. Saraswati Puja is celebrated every year in the Hindu culture as an occasion of worshipping and paying homage to her holiness Saraswati. Read more

The Joy of Bhai Tika

The festive season in Nepal has just ended. First Dashain, then Tihar and then Chhath; the whole country observed significant exuberance in markets, buildings as well as people’s daily life. Read more

Affiliation Contract from Tennessee State University

It has always been one of Internship Nepal’s major objectives to offer internship opportunities to students from all over the world, while also contributing in their career formation. Read more

Discussion with University professors in Canada

Mr. Nardev Pandey (Director, Internship Nepal) set out on a two-week long trip to Canada this past month on 22nd of September, 2016. International affairs advisor, Asia & Pacific at the University of Montreal, Stephanie Talliez’s crucial assistance in arrangement of meetings and appointments was of vital help, so was Professor Guillermo Aureano’s wonderful companionship as it has always been. Read more